What is Mobile Portland?

Mobile Portland is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, promoting and supporting the mobile technology community in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. We gather on the fourth Monday of every month for presentations, discussion and networking.

We are also building a community device lab that will allow people in the area to test their software, web sites, and services on a variety of devices.

If you're interested, sign up to receive notices about our meetings or join our Mobile Portland Google Group.

Why Mondays? (or why not Mobile Monday?)

There is an international organization called Mobile Monday with local user groups around the world that meet about mobile technology.

Before we started Mobile Portland, we contacted them to find out what we needed to do to become a chapter. We never heard back.

When we realized MobilePortland.com was available, we decided to move forward with that name. We kept the meetings on Mondays to honor the tradition of Mobile Mondays and hope at some point to find out what we need to do to become a "official" Mobile Monday