March will be Mobile's Portland's Final Meeting

March marks the eighth anniversary of Mobile Portland. It will also be the last meeting for our organization.

Mobile Portland has had a remarkable run. We've had fascinating topics, compelling speakers, and created a wonderful community. Our decision to create a community device lab spurred a global open device lab movement. And I would like to think that we helped position Portland as a hub of mobile ingenuity.

I always felt that Mobile Portland had a natural lifespan. People don't attend "Laptop Portland". And as lines between device classes began to blur and everything started to become connected, mobile as a focus began to make less sense.

Not to mention the fact that eight years is a long time to plan and organize monthly meetings. It is safe to say that we're all a little burnt out.

We want to end Mobile Portland's run on a high note so we've got big plans for our last three meetings. Today, we've got a panel talking about the hottest area in technology right now: watches and wearables. February will be a similar timely and hot topic.

Finally, for March we plan on using our remaining money—thank you to our generous sponsors—to either fly in a speaker or throw a big party. More on this soon.

We want to thank the many people who have volunteered throughout the years and to the steering committee who kept the organization running over the last couple of years.

I want to extend a special thank you to my co-founders at Cloud Four for helping get Mobile Portland off the ground; Matt Gifford for organizing so many meetings; Seth Shikora for recording nearly every meeting we've held; and to Elia Freedman, Dylan Boyd and Robb Mills for being the best board members I could have asked for and for putting up with my insanity.

The next three months are going to be amazing. I can't wait to see you all at the meetings!


Jason Grigsby

Logistical notes

What happens to the device lab?

The vast majority of the devices are devices that Cloud Four purchased. We plan on continuing to run the device lab. In fact, we've been investing in it lately, buying new devices and planning ways to make devices easier to keep charged. For the devices that Mobile Portland owns, we will assess their value and transfer them to Cloud Four.

What about

We will keep alive for quite some time. There are great resources on the site. But we'll probably simplify it—remove the Drupal backend—and focus it on the video archives.

So the videos will still be available?

Yes. The videos are the legacy of the group. We will keep them available for as long as we can.

What happens to the group and the Mobile Portland Google Group?

The group will be turned off after the March meeting. There is a monthly cost for that service that will no longer make sense. The Google Group will persist so long as people want to communicate on that list. We may ask others to share moderation responsibilities.