Seeking New Members for the Board, Device Lab Update

Changes to device lab plans

A while ago we went through the process of becoming a non-profit in order to build a community device testing lab. Last fall, we decided to open up the device testing lab in a temporary location at the Cloud Four offices.

We've learned a lot in the time since we opened up the device lab last fall. The primary thing we've learned is that while the lab is useful and a benefit to the community, that it doesn't garner enough traffic to warrant its own physical location and staff.

Therefore, we're going to continue to host it at Cloud Four indefinitely. If it becomes too much of a burden for Cloud Four or hosting it there becomes an issue, then we'll look at moving it. But otherwise, it seems to be working. We get a couple of people a week coming in to test on devices, and we have a nice little area set up for them to use.

Changes to focus of our Board of Directors

The decision to stop pursuing a big device lab location changes our plans for Mobile Portland's Board of Directors.

We had established the board with a small number of members and had intended to find additional board members who could help us the most in fundraising and building the device lab. We looked at the positions as spots to use to draft people who could help us the most.

But now that we're scaling back our device lab plans, the focus of the board will be on creating outstanding monthly meetings and community education. The device lab will remain part of what the board works on, but we want to align the board more closely with the focus on our events.

This is a great relief to me for a couple of reasons. First, focus is always a great thing. Second, we have always had a weird distinction between the board and steering committee that I wanted to reconcile in some way. This gives us an opportunity to do that.

Seeking New Members for Mobile Portland's Board of Directors

Consistent with our new focus, the board of directors is changing to have the following seats:

  • President
  • Secretary/treasurer
  • Sponsorship chair — Responsible for organizing sponsorships.
  • Programming chair — Responsible for finding speakers and maintaining our high quality events.
  • Event chair — Responsible for organizing the events themselves and taking care of facilities, logistics, etc.

We are seeking applications for the Sponsorship, Programming and Event chairs. We anticipate that people in those roles will help organize volunteers and maybe creating subcommittees working on those issues.

If you're interested, please email us at board at with information on which position you're interested in, what you want to do in the position, and how you think you can contribute in that role.

Thank You,

Jason Grigsby
Mobile Portland