Update on Device Lab

Photo of devices in the device lab A quick update on the Mobile Portland device lab.

For those of you who were at the last Mobile Portland meeting or have been following along on the Mobile Portland Google Group, the key new developments are:

For those of you who weren’t at last month’s meeting, a lot has been going on in the last couple of months. I’ll hit the highlights below.

After a year of slow motion, the device lab has picked up steam. We’re exploring a permanent location for the lab that would a fantastic fit. We can’t announce anything yet, but it is in progress. The goal is to open a permanent location for the lab by the summer of 2013.

Until then, Cloud Four has offered to host the lab and let people us a bunch of the devices that it has collected over the years. We currently have approximately 40 devices available for testing and more are getting added on a regular basis.

We’re asking community members to help with two things:

  • If you have extra devices that you can donate to Mobile Portland, please bring them to the November 12th meeting or arrange to drop them off at the Cloud Four office.
  • Soon, we will have a way for you to register devices you own that you would be willing to loan the devices to other people. A virtual device lab if you will.

We’re continuing to line up sponsors for the device lab and look to find a permanent location. But in the meantime, we’re starting small with something that we believe will benefit the community. Any help you can offer by donating devices and spreading the word is appreciated.