Device Lab

Photo of devices in the device labOne of the major challenges for platform vendors, carriers, and handset manufacturers is how to make sure the best apps are available on their products.

One of the biggest challenges for mobile developers and businesses is getting access to devices for testing. Not even the largest of companies can afford to purchase all of the possible devices on which their software or services may run on.

We’re working on solving both of these problems by creating what we believe is the first dedicated community device testing lab in the United States.

Temporary location for device lab

Until the device lab has a permanent home and space, Cloud Four has graciously agreed to host the lab and let Mobile Portland members use both the devices that Mobile Portland owns as well as devices available in Cloud Four’s own library.

Cloud Four is located in downtown Portland at 208 SW 1st Ave. Suite 240. If you would like to test on a device, please give them a heads up that you would like to swing by the office by scheduling time in the device lab.

Available devices

Mobile Portland currently has over 30 devices available for testing. The devices range from mobile to televisions.

If you would like to test on a device, please schedule time to visit Cloud Four to make sure someone is there to let you in and to ensure the device is available.

Permanent Device Lab Location in Summer 2013

Our goal is to have a permanent device lab location by the summer of 2013.

Sponsoring the Device Lab

If you are interesting in helping sponsor the device lab or any of Mobile Portland’s activities, we’d love to have your support. Please contact us and we can find a sponsorship package that makes sense for you.