Mobile Portland Device Lab — Current Devices

The following list may change as devices are loaned to the library and then returned. If you want to schedule time with a specific device, please schedule time to ensure the device is available.

Manufacturersort icon Model Operating System OS Version
Amazon Kindle Fire Android 2.3
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Android 4.0
Amazon Fire HD6 Fire OS 4.5.2
Amazon Fire TV Fire OS 3.0
Apple iPhone (1st Gen) iOS
Apple iPod Touch (4th gen) iOS 4.3
Apple iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1
Apple iPhone 3G iOS 4.0
Apple iPad 2 iOS 6
Apple iPad (3rd gen) iOS 6.0
Apple iPhone 4S iOS 6.0
Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6.0
Apple TV iOS 5.1
Apple iPhone (1st gen) iOS 3.1.3
Apple iPhone 3GS iOS
Apple iPad (1st Generation) iOS 5.x
Apple iPod Touch (5th gen) iOS 6.x
Apple iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3
Google Nexus 1 Android
Google Nexus S Android
Google Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1
Google Chrome Box Chrome OS
Google Nexus Q Other
Google Nexus 7 Android 4.2
Google Nexus 9 Android 5.0.1
Google Nexus 9 Android 5.0.1
Google Chromecast Chrome OS 22062
Google Chromebook Pixel Chrome OS
Google Nexus 9 Android 5.0.1
HTC G1 Android 1.6