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Using the Device Lab: Things to Know

  • The Mobile Portland Device Lab is currently hosted by Cloud Four at their downtown Portland office.
  • The lab is normally available between 9 and 5 weekdays. We have the most availability for device lab appointments on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Please allow at least one business day for us to respond to your request.
  • The device lab is an independent work environment with a working area, available power and WiFi for users.
  • The device lab is a community resource of Mobile Portland and does not presently charge fees for use.
  • Devices have to stay on-site (i.e. devices cannot be "checked out").
  • If you let us know which devices you specifically want to test on, we can try to have those devices charged before your arrival. However, note that there are a limited number of chargers and power outlets and the device you want to test on may need to be charged when you arrive.
  • If there is a specific BlackBerry device with which you would like to test, please let us know the model and we will attempt to procure it. Special BlackBerry orders require advance notice of at least a week.
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