Back-to-School: 17 things you may not already know about mobile devices in the classroom.

Like every other industry, educational institutions are adopting mobile devices. What does it look like today, four years after the advent of the iPad? What are the challenges and constraints unique to using mobile devices in educational institutions? How has these devices affected classroom management, instructional strategies and student achievement?

Image of children using iPads

Tonight's "back-to-school" presentation will feature two speakers to share facts and opinions on what works (or not) for mobile devices in education.

To start us off, Thor Prichard will share slides about device adoption data, implementation trends and use case examples before sharing advice about what to do (and not do) when building an app for schools. Following him will be Sean Williams, who will walk through how different devices are used at different grade levels, why Google ChromeBooks have become so popular in education, explain the constraints in education (power, wifi coverage, bandwidth, student data privacy) and give a wish list of what educators wish app developers would build for education.

About the Speakers

Sean Williams

Link to Sean's slides

Sean WilliamsSean is the Director of Instructional Technology for Riverdale School District in Portland, Oregon. Previously, he's worked with fellow teachers to incorporate technology in a meaningful way to their lessons to improve teaching and learning across Oregon through ORVSD and at educational conferences regionally and nationally. After a decade of teaching third and fourth grades in California, Sean became a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, and an instructor with iNACOL for teachers who want to transition to teaching partially or fully online.

Thor Prichard

Link to Thor's slides

Thor PrichardThor leads the team of content developers and technology analysts at Clarity Innovations, a company that helps its clients improve the process and practice of teaching by creating solutions that address the needs of education with promising technologies. He keeps tabs on emerging trends and technologies in seemingly unrelated fields that 3-5 years from now will be "discovered" and embraced by the education market. Thor has extensive experience at developing instructional resources and learning environments that integrate technology in a meaningful way.

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Monday, August 25, 2014 - 6:00pm


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