Mobile Demolicious

Mobile Portland is joining with Portland Web Innovators to host Mobile Demolicious on Monday, April 25th at 6pm.

Demolicious is Portland Web Innovators’ showcase of member’s work. Whether it’s a side project or a new business, you have ten minutes to show what you’ve got. What do you have to show off?

We've got a great line up of mobile apps for this month's Demolicious. Everything from apps for kids to mapping and checkins. Thanks in advance to our presenters.

About the Demos

Mapbox — Demoed by Justin Miller, Development Seed

MapBox for iPad is part of a stack of largely web-based tools (this one being the exception) for creating your own highly-custom maps. Development Seed makes open source tools for creating and serving map tiles, and the app that Justin Miller works on is for carrying them anywhere, using them offline, and demoing them to other people.

Development Seed has created a standard ( for map exchange. This demo would be useful to both developers as well as people generally interested in mobile tech.

GigbookJoe Janiga and Tony Jamesbarry, Deep Dish Designs

Screenshote of GigbookEven back when the iPad was a mere rumor, Joe and Tony began imagining an app that could be used to house their extensive musical libraries and be used seamlessly at their rehearsals, on stage, in their classrooms and in their private lessons.

GigBook is not the first out of the gates, but they believe it’s the most mature, elegant and intuitive sheet music reader in the App Store. GigBook is simply the best way to organize, store and use your musical scores, chord charts, and lyric sheets in a live setting on the iPad.

Heat TrackerDaniel Wood and Reggie Wideman, tenfour

Heat Tracker screenshotHeat Tracker allows you to find places near you that have a good crowd before you get there. Want to go where people are going? Look for places that are “Heating Up” or “On Fire.” Don’t want to get mobbed? Look for places that are “Cool” or “Getting Warmer.”

Heat Tracker for iOS is the only app that pinpoints where people are checking in at local venues and assigns a heat rating based on the number of check-ins. Connect with your friends or find new friends in hot places! After you find that perfect coffee shop or nightspot you can share it on top social networks. You can also customize your experience by searching for men-only or women-only, changing your search radius or searching for nightlife only. Location search allows you to see what’s hot in other areas too.

So whether you’re new in town and want to know the best places to go, or a local looking to see where to go to next, use Heat Tracker with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to find the hottest places to hang out before you arrive!

AlchemyKelly White, Silver Tail Software

Alchemy logoAlchemy is a game of discovery. The goal is to create new elements by combining existing elements you have already discovered. You start with the four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water.

Many of the combinations resemble real life scenarios, others are just plain wacky. There are 286 elements waiting for you to discover. Can you unlock them all?

Alchemy is Windows Phone 7 game and Kelly can not only show how the game works, but can talk about selling Windows Phone 7 apps.

Paint for KidsMichelle Blum

Paint for Kids screenshotDiscover a fun new way for preschoolers and young kids to express their creativity! This interactive app quickly gets children interested in drawing with clean graphics, cute sounds, and an easy to use layout.

Designed for toddlers 12 months and up, Paint for Kids is so easy to use, your child will start doodling and drawing within seconds. Everything is kept simple for your young artist, placing all of the essential drawing features in one screen. Features for parents include exporting drawings, toggling the sound on/off, and deleting projects are tucked away in the extendable menu as to not confuse or accidentally be selected by young users.

Photo courtesy Josh Liba. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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Monday, April 25, 2011 - 6:00pm


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