Mobile Demolicious

At last April’s meeting, we saw five cool demos from Mobile Portland members. This month, we’re doing it again. Please join us on Monday, March 26 at 6pm to hear great demos about everything from personal fitness to Tweeting a beer to your friend.

About the Demos

miCoach - Demoed by Amy Vaterlaus and Andy Axelrod, adidas

Adidas is launching an updated version of the popular GPS fitness app to include strength and flex workouts for those who train in the gym or in the privacy of their home. Get personal training by the same folks who train pro athletes.

AppThwack - Demoed by Trent Peterson and Pawel Wojnarowicz, Trellis

AppThwack is a web service for testing Android apps on real devices. When a developer uploads an APK to the site, it is automatically run through a series of smoke tests on real and emulated devices. It can also run custom tests defined in the uploaded APK or in a secondary APK that targets it. The demo will follow an app through this flow using real devices and display the results in real time. They'll describe how it works, give an overview of the service's back-end, Trellis, and where they're headed.

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Demoed by Cale Bruckner and Charles Augustine, Concentric Sky

Encyclopaedia Britannica recently announced it will stop publishing print editions of its signature product for the first time in its 244-year history. Concentric Sky worked with Britannica to make the content of the Encyclopaedia available in iOS app. They will demo the app and talk about a few of the challenges they had to overcome.

Tweet-A-Beer - Demoed by Daniel Wood and Erik Ratcliffe, tenfour

Tweet-A-Beer is a web and mobile web application that allows you to buy a beer for a friend from any computer or web enabled mobile device, regardless of the distance between you. It is powered by Chirpify, a commerce platform for Twitter. Chirpify is the magic that connects your Twitter account to PayPal in order to pre-approve payments. When you Tweet-a-Beer, you are sending $5.00 to another Twitter user, and ultimately, their PayPal account.

CommutePays - Demoed by Mark Peden, CommutePays

CommutePays has developed a mobile app for saving commuters time and money. Time? By providing real-time traffic information, specific to a commuter's route, with alternate route guidance to ensure they are taking the most time-efficient route. Money? By providing commuters with timely, relevant, hyper-local offers and promotions along the same routes they frequent. Two years in development, they have just completed the soft-launch of their free app for iPhone and Android. Although the app works anywhere in the US, they are looking for regional feedback to fine tune the UI/UX prior to rolling out nationally in the fall.

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Monday, March 26, 2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Urban Airship / Cloud Four
Portland, OR 97209
United States


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